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Membership of the club runs from October to October. There are two main classes of membership, FULL & SOCIAL

FULL Membership, costing £75/ year, entitles you to take part in all outdoor bowling activities in the summer – league matches, friendlies, and, of course, roll ups whenever the greens are open. We play in Group 4 of Bowls Cornwall, and there are opportunities to play in representative matches throughout the County. You can play carpet bowls either socially (all year round), or play in league games in the winter months.

If you are new to the game, you will get a discount on your first years’ membership. Also you will be able to have trial sessions to see if the game is for you. 

The game of flat green bowls (as opposed to the Crown Green bowls, popular in the North) can be played as singles, pairs, triples, fours or teams. The game is played by people of all ages – even up to 90+. Most games last in the region of 3 hrs, and involve some walking between the ends as well as sending woods down the green. You will be given full tuition on joining and it will be your choice whether or not you wish to play competitively

SOCIAL membership, costing £30/year, enables you to play carpet bowls all year round. Carpet bowls is played indoors on a 30m long mat, using small woods – very helpful if you have difficulty holding the full size woods (as used for outdoor flat green bowling or indoor short mat bowling). As well as “social” games, the Club plays competitively in the Falmouth and Camborne Carpet Bowls League